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Fellowship of EEUK is granted, at the discretion of the Board, to those who have served as Directors for at least three years, two of which must have been as a member of the Executive Committee. The following Fellows, who all have a wealth of experience in the field of enterprise and entrepreneurship education, act in an advisory capacity to the board, contributing actively to the aims and objectives of EEUK.

julie 1 cropDr Julie Holland joined the board of Enterprise Educators UK in 2006 when the organisation was known as UKSEC. She was elected to the position of Vice-Chair in 2006 and became Chair in 2007 at a point when the newly branded and restructured organisation was starting to establish itself as an independent membership organisation. Julie’s year as Chair was marked by negotiations with government departments and other organisations in the enterprise and entrepreneurship community to raise the profile of EEUK as an important network run by its members for the benefit of its members. Dr Holland’s term on the board ended in 2009 and she is now Director of the Glendonbrook Centre for Enterprise Education at Loughborough University.


simonDr Simon Brown joined the board of Enterprise Educators UK in 2006 when the organisation was known as UKSEC. He was elected Junior Vice-Chair in 2007, Vice-Chair in 2008 and then became Chair in 2009. His year as Chair was marked by an important transition for EEUK from a relatively informal structure to an independent legal entity. Simon led the discussions with legal advisers and the outcome was that the organisation became a not-for –profit company limited by guarantee. This important milestone laid the foundation stone for EEUK’s growth into a strong and genuinely independent body. Dr Brown’s term on the board ended in 2011 and he now works independently as an enterprise and employability consultant.


chris hall cropChris Hall joined the board of Enterprise Educators UK in 2006 when the organisation was known as UKSEC. He was elected Vice-Chair in 2007, progressing to Chair in 2008. During his time in office he initiated the moves towards EEUK becoming a company limited by guarantee, built bridges and connections with a number of government departments and supported the initial evolution of NACUE. Once NACUE had launched successfully, Chris’s negotiations with ISBE as well as NACUE laid the foundations for the creation of the Enterprise Alliance that would launch in 2010. Chris also had a major role in the re-organisation of IEEC, enabling EEUK to play a more significant part in this annual conference in partnership with NCEE. After his term as Chair ended, Chris volunteered to become treasurer, a role that he held until his term came to an end in 2013. Chris continues in his role as Business Manager at the Hive, Nottingham Trent University.


brianBrian Clements joined the board of Enterprise Educators UK in 2008 and his experience of company formation and management was of immediate importance as EEUK set out on the path that would ultimately lead to the organisation’s new status as a company limited by guarantee. Brian became the inaugural Company Secretary and was responsible for all legal matters including the drafting of a new constitution and all dealings with Companies House. For a while Brian also took on the role of Treasurer and he remained on the Board until a new Company Secretary had settled into the role in 2013. The end of Brian’s period on the Board coincided with his retirement from the University of Wolverhampton and he now runs his own educational consultancy, Weston Clements Ltd.


ks photoDr Kelly Smith was co-opted to the board of Enterprise Educators UK in 2008 to advise on learning and web technologies. In 2009 she was elected Junior Vice-Chair, progressing to senior Vice-Chair before becoming Chair in 2011. Kelly oversaw a major campaign to build membership numbers which rose by over 10% during her period as Chair. She was also influential in establishing EEUK’s position as one of the UK government’s organisations of choice when advice or consultation was required related to enterprise matters. As a member of the QAA enterprise education expert group she made a major contribution to the development of the QAA guidelines on enterprise and entrepreneurship education. Dr Smith’s term on the board ended in 2013. She continues in her role as Head of Enterprise at the University of Huddersfield and Principle Enterprise Fellow at the Huddersfield Business School. She has also been elected to the board of ISBE.



davejimage crop narrowerDave Jarman joined the board in 2010 where he was a keen and active contributor for four years. He was voted into office as Vice-Chair in 2011 and progressed to Chair for the 2012/13 academic year. During his term he enthusiastically reached out to a wide range of organisations and formed strong relationships, for example with the RSA, that continue to benefit EEUK and our members. Dave also introduced the concept of ‘Unconference’ to IEEC – leading to lively sessions, expertly facilitated by Dave, enabling delegates to learn from each other in an unconventional manner. While on the board Dave was Head of Enterprise Education at the University of Bristol. He has now moved to Bath Spa University where he is Head of Enterprise and Employability.


jleanSmaller2Dr Jonathan Lean joined the board in 2012 and quickly volunteered to become Company Secretary, a post that he held for three years. Acting as Company Secretary he was diligent in ensuring that EEUK met all the necessary legal requirements of a company limited by guarantee while also advising other board members of their responsibilities. As Company Secretary, Jon was a member of the EEUK Executive where he played an important role advising and supporting the Chair on the overall leadership of the organisation. Jon also led the further development and delivery of the Enterprise Education and Research Project Fund which is a major and highly valued member benefit. This involved chairing the project selection panel and overseeing projects being delivered by EEUK members. Jon is Associate Head of School at Plymouth University Graduate School of Management and continues to work on enterprise education projects in the UK and internationally.


AndyP2015Professor Andy Penaluna joined the Board in 2008 and was quickly elected to the post of Vice-Chair, followed by Chair – a role that he held until 2011. In 2010 he worked with the Welsh Government and NCEE to bring IEEC2010 to Cardiff from where the influential Concordat emerged.  Andy carried the Concordat with him as a ‘touchstone’ as he went on to Chair the HEA’s Entrepreneurial Learning Special Interest Group, advise NACUE during their early development, advise the UN on entrepreneurial policy development, chair the QAA group that produced the world’s first national quality assurance guidance for enterprise and entrepreneurship education, jointly author the APPG report 'An Education System Fit for an Entrepreneur', advise the EU on educating enterprise educators and act as an expert adviser in a number of other countries around the world. Shortly before leaving the Board, Andy’s massive contribution to the world of enterprise and entrepreneurship education was recognised by SFEDI Group and the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs in the House of Lords, and in 2015 he became a recipient of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion. Andy continues his UK and international enterprise education as Director of the International Institute for Creative Entrepreneurial Development (IICED) at University of Wales Trinity Saint David.


RichardBeresfordDr Richard Beresford’s first term on the board was from 2006 to 2009 and during that time he was closely involved with EEUK’s establishment as a company limited by guarantee. In 2014 he was re-elected to the board and in 2015 was appointed Vice-Chair. During Richard’s second term on the Board he took a deep interest in the personal development of enterprise and entrepreneurship educators, working in partnership with SFEDI and the IOEE to develop the National Occupational Standards for Enterprise Educators which will be used to underpin the future development of a CPD programme. After Richard’s sudden and untimely death in May 2016, the Board establish the Richard Beresford Bursary in Richard’s memory and posthumously appointed him a Fellow of EEUK. His Fellowship was presented to his wife, Dr Nicolette Michels, at the IEEC2016 Gala dinner in Liverpool in September 2016.


Sheila Crop

Sheila Quairney was elected to the board in 2010 and served for six years. She was appointed Vice-Chair in 2013 and Chair in 2014. During her time on the board, and particularly while Vice-Chair and Chair, Sheila took a deep interest in championing EEUK membership for Further Education colleges. She attracted a number of new FE members and laid strong foundations for further expansion into FE. Sheila was also an avid networker, working hard to reach out to make new connections with organisations where there was potential for member benefit. The pinnacle of Sheila’s networking while Chair must have been her visit to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. Sheila left her post as Head of Enterprise at Sheffield Hallam University in 2016 and now works independently in university enterprise education.


karenbill portrait smallerDr Karen Bill joined the Board of EEUK in 2013, was elected Vice-Chair in 2014 and went on to lead EEUK as Chair during academic year 2015/16. One of the ways in which Karen made a really big difference was through her work to encourage everyone at EEUK to focus on impact – ensuring that we were not only increasing our impact for the benefit of our members but also measuring that impact. Karen initiated the EEUK impact infographic and her work has created a lasting legacy as the EEUK Board continues to ensure that everything it do has impact for members. During her term as Chair, Karen increased EEUK’s international standing through contribution to a Sino/British Education forum in Tianjin, established regional directors, developed a strategic partnership with Microsoft and raised the profile of enterprise education through work with the HEA and publication of letters in Times Higher Education.

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