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Igniting the enterprising spark

“It only takes a spark to light a forest fire. I believe it is the same with enterprise. If we want to ignite the enterprising spark in our students, we must be a strong community of educators, with access to the best practice available.” Those words, in support of my first EEUK Board nomination in 2011 still resonate with me today. But how is that aspiration being driven forward for our members?

Our Enterprise Exchange events are an excellent example of how we are strengthening our community, through sharing good practice. This year, we’ve considered everything from: how we recognise entrepreneurial value through extra-curricular activities; to sustaining social enterprise; to embedding intellectual property education in to the student experience; to using crowdfunding in the curriculum and beyond; to developing enterprise in smaller, specialist and new institutions; to enterprise placement years; to the institutional impact of embedded enterprise! It’s also great to see our community being strengthened by and for our members from further education (FE) institutions. This year’s event, “Enhancing the student experience in FE through embedded enterprise” is just the beginning.

It’s not too late to join us in learning about good practice elsewhere and sharing your own experience. Our Future EEUK Events: 28 June “Getting beyond ‘enterprise’: Defining and communicating enterprise for successful engagement” and 4 July “The European Perspective- Innovative approaches to delivering enterprise/entrepreneurship education” are still accepting registrations. Attendance is free for staff at member institutions.

We need look no further than IEEC to see one of the most vibrant examples of our community in action. The 12th International Enterprise Educators Conference (IEEC) takes place at Glasgow Caledonian University 6th to 8th September 2017, with the theme ‘Enabling Enterprise for All’. Through its participatory style, it showcases a wide range of educator-led practice and experiences. We will also be hearing from inspirational experts: Dr. Mick Jackson, Founder and CEO, WildHearts Group – the organisation behind the multi-award winning Micro-Tyco; Elin McCallum, Founder and Director of Bantani Education; Professor Heidi Neck, Jeffry A. Timmons Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies, Babson College; Professor Brian MacCraith, President, Dublin City University. You won’t want to miss this well attended, high energy, impactful opportunity to learn, participate, connect, contribute and network with old and new colleagues and friends. Early Bird discounts are available until 30th June.

Our ETC Toolkit is another example of how we are expanding the availability of good quality ‘How to guides’ and case studies, which can be used by our members to enhance their enterprise education offer.

Our community is only as strong as each of us. How we engage and what we offer is fundamental to building and strengthening our community. We are keen to meet the needs of our members through what we offer. Your input through things like giving feedback and ideas and importantly, responding to calls for event proposals, award nominations and funding opportunities is vital. What spark will you offer to the community?

We’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch.

Bonnie Hacking @BonnieH1

Director, Enterprise Educators UK

Enterprise Adviser, University of St Andrews

Chair, Enactus UK University Adviser Steering Group

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