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Given our recent experience as UK voters, you might have become fed up with elections!

But it is something that I am reflecting upon at the moment, because at its heart, it is a fundamental question of representation and providing a mandate to act.

If you are our Primary contact you have an opportunity to vote in the EEUK Board elections. Do cast your vote – in doing so you are effectively appointing your own EEUK “MPs” who work on a voluntary and unpaid basis to represent you throughout their three year term.   The Board then acts in your collective best interests as your representatives, directing the organisation and supporting your work.

As members know, the Board then continues to seek views on specific issues (such as the recent response to the Industrial Strategy) as well as always welcoming comments and input from members throughout the year. So in order to work effectively as a membership organisation, EEUK uses as many routes as possible to engage with you, and as I join EEUK as Head of Policy, I need to hear from you too!

EEUK have tasked me with helping to channel your voice where it is most needed in order to help progress our work across the sector. So I want to understand what is limiting your practice, personally, professionally and institutionally as well as the difficulties and practicalities you face in delivering for your students. Tell me what works or what you need more of, so we can collectively call for the support and action we need to deliver for our students.

I already appreciate many of your challenges, having held institutional posts with both Scottish and English Universities as well as having worked at both Russell Group and post ’92 institutions, but I need to hear your experience. With 20 years working across FE and HE to deliver institutional and national enterprise roles, my primary purpose has always been to support enterprise educators to deliver for their students. This is what I wish to deliver for you, as I join EEUK.

So with this new focus on policy issues, I will be asking for your views on a wide range of issues over the forthcoming months, and hope that you can share your thinking with me, as well as your responses to enterprise activity in the media - and I do hope that if are you attending IEEC2017 you can join me for an informal “policy chat” as I build a picture of the challenges we are facing across the sector as we move into the new academic year.

So please drop me a note, share your views, thoughts and concerns and keep in touch!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alison Price

Head of Policy, EEUK

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