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Kate Beresford and I joined colleagues for the first ever Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise Conference (ICE) in Plymouth University yesterday. With a title of Curiosity and Imagination: Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities for Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century, we had no doubt that this was a good place to be... and we were not disappointed. ICE House Project Manager Steve Harris of Cornwall College, who many of you will have met at IEEC 2011 in Cardiff, led the morning session, which was opened by Deputy Vice Chancellor Mary Watkins. Guest speakers included Penelope Tobin who discussed her jazz-based approaches to thinking about motivational factors and experiential learning. Anna Craft offered some thoughtful insights into visualising what it took to be a good critically reflective teacher and Joe Harkin reflected on key historical figures that have had real influence on the way that education has evolved.Both Kate and I had opportunity to present in the afternoon sessions and together with EEUK friends Annette Naudin of Birmingham City University, Francis Brown of Coventry University and Matt Draycott of Glyndwr University, led and contributed to a number of debates. It was interesting to see how colleagues in the southwest have embraced the challenges and are spearheading some of the most innovative educational experiences for teachers and educators that I have seen.For more information about the conference click here and to learn about the overall ICE House project click here.

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