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January 2011 An enterprising New Year to you all. So much has been happening that it is difficult to know where to start. We have been arguing the case for continued support for enterprise education at the highest levels, with two meetings at the Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS). One was a private audience of over 90 minutes with one of the BIS policy team.Following the IEEC Concordat, we were able to evidence the need for clarity for continued support for enterprise educators and to discuss useful measures regarding the quality of enterprise education. Recognition and reward in terms of improved job security and enhanced career opportunities are key, yet we know with some certainty that this is rare in an environment where short-term funding is the norm. In particular, we emphasised that the uncertainty over HEIF is having a significant impact on enterprise education and many of those with expertise in enterprise education were reliant on this funding. We were advised by BIS that in England, enterprise education is the second highest item for which bids are made under HEIF. Although in these days of uncertainty, nothing can be guaranteed, we do see it as positive that such an observation has been made.The recent mapping survey undertaken by ISBE and NCGE indicates that while enterprise education is gaining ground, the University sector is not supporting the development of enterprise and entrepreneurship in Higher Education at a level the government would to want to see. We concur with this view and have expressed the opinion that there needs to be a clear steer from government to Universities that funding under HEIF should be applied to support enterprise education. By the end of the winter new HEIF guidelines are anticipated and we are hopeful that this message will be incorporated – the indications are that the views of Enterprise Educators UK as expressed through the Board of Directors are well-respected and are seen as an accurate reflection of the status of enterprise education in Higher Education.Andy PenalunaChair, Enterprise Educators UK

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