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Chair's Blog On Monday 26 July, 25 invited leaders from schools, colleges and universities met with industry representatives and government officials to help inform Mark Prisk MP, Minister of State for Business and Enterprise, and his team in developing a policy for enterprise education for the coming years. As Chair of Enterprise Educators UK I was invited to attend, as was Andy Penaluna, our incoming Chair.Mark and his team have been set the challenge to develop an entrepreneurial culture in our education system. The Forum on 26 July was just one of several events exploring what excellence exists in our various sectors and find out how to spread this more widely. The focus of these events generated our request to you as members of Enterprise Educators UK for your thoughts on the continuation and evolution of enterprise education.Mark was keen to share his vision for the HE sector as one where universities are enabled to become more diverse, where excellence can flourish and government is there to enable things to happen. He believes that through embedding enterprise education, universities will be able to achieve this progress, allowing greater participation and engagement and will effectively transform approaches to learning by having the learners leading their learning. Mark has clearly been travelling around and listening to many within the education sector and encouraged those in the discussion group to come forward with ideas to help him and his team flesh out their policy in the months ahead.His goal is to develop an enabling framework that will identify best practice and ensure that it is engaged with throughout the sector. He also wants to take steps to ensure that government does not interfere with this process but rather acts as the catalyst, bringing people together to share research and ideas.Fortunately Andy and I were seated at opposing ends of the room and caught Mark's attention as he looked for contributions to the debate. We took every opportunity to share the messages we had gathered from you, our members, and our thoughts which are summarised in our 'Enterprise Manifesto'.Officials from HEFCE and BIS made it clear that future funding would be tight (no surprises there, then) and there were no guarantees on the continuation or even the shape of HEIF5. We did point out that the many examples of excellence in the University sector shared at the meeting were all funded by HEIF and would not be supported if they were not financed under HEIF. I know that Mark and his team are exploring ways to protect enterprise education by ensuring that best practice is embedded in the curriculum − and should therefore be funded from the core teaching budget. We pointed out the challenges this would pose in many institutions.In summary the message from Mark and his team was that they want to listen and find ways for us to share and communicate our success stories, as success stories are a compelling argument for continued support. They know that one size will not fit all and that central directives will not work.As enterprise educators and members of Enterprise Educators UK, your voice is being heard by those shaping the agenda at the highest level. To ensure that we are able to communicate effectively, we have to hear your voice, and for that reason it is essential that you communicate with us. Many of you have responded with your views on the continuation and evolution of enterprise education. I suspect that over the coming months, there will be additional requests for information from you. If you are an enterprise educator it is essential, even in these times of tightening budgets that you continue to be members of Enterprise Educators UK.Senior government officials and university leaders will be at our conference in Cardiff, in September. We will be listening to them and they will be listening to us. If you are going to be with us, there will be many ways for you to contribute to the flow of information. The 'Cardiff Concordat' will record our debates and will be fed back to government.

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