Getting beyond ‘enterprise’: Defining and communicating enterprise for successful engagement

Getting beyond ‘enterprise’: Defining and communicating enterprise for successful engagement

From 28/06/17 10:00 until 28/06/17 16:00

At University of Sheffield, Workroom 2

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Getting beyond ‘enterprise’:

Defining and communicating enterprise for successful engagement,

Wednesday 28th June 2017, University of Sheffield, Workroom 2, 38 Mappin Street, S1 4DT 

***Slides for this event are available for download below***


This one day ‘Enterprise Exchange’ enabled delegates to:

Background and summary

Language has a big impact on our success as enterprise educators, and it is not easy to get it right. The term ‘enterprise’ is often confused with ‘entrepreneurship’, and colleagues across our institutions then argue that it is not relevant for their students, who are not interested in starting new ventures. Getting beyond the word ‘enterprise’ is therefore a real challenge. And it is clear that we do not get this right at the moment: some of our language puts academics off; it doesn't always engage senior managers; employers use different terminology to describe enterprise capabilities, which educators often dislike; and students are frequently unable to articulate their skills, struggling to translate between how those skills are labelled in education and what employers are asking for in job applications. 

A major challenge for enterprise educators is to find ways to challenge assumptions, and communicate what they do in ways that engage their target audiences, and for our students, whose capability we develop, the challenge is to articulate those skills in meaningful ways to a variety of audiences, including employers. This event brought together educators, employers, and students, to explore how we can communicate enterprise education in ways that speak to all stakeholders. Our aim was to find a common language that enables us to get better recognition of what we do both within and outside education. Delegates left with ideas for how to better engage stakeholders through tailoring their vocabulary and the articulation of their offer, whether that offer is enterprise or entrepreneurship within or outside curricula.