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Current Projects

The Enterprise Education and Research Project Fund (EERPF) was launched by the Board of EEUK in 2011 and has run each year since.
Funding is awarded to: (i) support the creation and evaluation of enterprise education materials and resources and (ii) facilitate impactful research which adds to our understanding of enterprise education and addresses the needs of the enterprise education community.

Members of EEUK are invited to bid for funding each year and a key principle is that projects should aim to be of benefit to the wider EEUK community as well as the member organisation that is awarded funding. For 2017/18 the annual funding allocation was increased to £25,000. The next call will open in spring 2018.


2017/2018 Projects

Aston University and University of Gloucester

Enterprise for all? Understanding student disengagement in enterprise education through the use of student researchers

The aim of the project is to develop our understanding of student disengagement in enterprise education (EE) through the use of student researchers. After identifying groups of students who are unlikely to engage in EE at Aston University and the University of Gloucestershire, we will use student researchers to explore the reasons for disengagement amongst two different student populations. This project will not only inform enterprise educators how to encourage a greater take up of EE and reach more diverse audiences but will also highlight ways in which we can empower student voices through the involvement of student researchers.

Middlesex University and Plymouth University

The UN Sustainable Development Goals and enterprise and entrepreneurship education – innovation, potential and progress

In September 2016, world leaders agreed the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) heralded as one of the chief global tools for ending poverty, fighting injustice and tackling climate change. Thus, it is essential to explore how the UN SDGs will be embodied in the core of entrepreneurship education; as the policies developing across the world in order for the UN SDGs to be met will shape entrepreneurial activities to 2030 and beyond. This project advances entrepreneurship education by surveying 80 entrepreneurship students, 8 academics in entrepreneurship, and 300 organisations that have signed the UN Higher Education Sustainability Initiative.

University of Wales Trinity Saint David

Protecting creativity and innovation: Intellectual Property and the Enterprise Educator

EEUK has highlighted the synergies between the educators' role in developing creativity and innovation amongst learners - to add value to business and the community. The next clear step is therefore the protecting and valuing of ideas (of self and others), as recommended by EntreComp 2016 and QAA 2012. As EEUK increase the scale, scope and effectiveness of enterprise education, we need to understand the IP education landscape before we can effectively develop new initiatives and respond to needs. This project informs UKIPO, surveys the membership and provides a working tool to assist educators to cover proposed IP education deliverables.

University of the West of England

Entrepreneurial mindset: Broadening the uptake of graduate entrepreneurship

Research and discussion abound on how Enterprise Education is delivered, and its impact post-graduation. However, less than 1% of graduates go on to start a business. Does this reflect the potential for graduate start-ups or are we, as enterprise educators, paying insufficient attention to the “raw material”; the mindset of the potential graduate entrepreneur? Engaging with academics and practitioners from psychology and entrepreneurship, this cross-disciplinary project compares the experiences of graduate entrepreneurs with those who have actively engaged with entrepreneurship at University, but have no intention of proceeding with it post-graduation, to explore the development of the entrepreneurial mindset.



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