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Awarded: Enterprise Education & Research Projects

The Enterprise Educators UK Board has awarded a total pot of £21,001 to the following:

  • Coventry University;
  • Queen’s University Belfast;
  • University of Huddersfield;
  • Teesside University;
  • University of Buckingham.

Coventry University: Creative Enterprise Education - an alternative approach
The project aims to evaluate an honest and frank approach to enterprise education based on realistic and varied career paths in the creative industries. Workshops will enable students and graduates to explore their personal values and the challenges of developing a creative practice through the presentation of alternative role models. They will develop the ability to remain resilient and forward thinking with the intention of improving their confidence and consequently, the ability to cope with career highs and lows. The materials will be developed to benefit students of the creative industries and extended to include students across Higher Education. Research will be shared through conferences and an online portal accessible to students, graduates and educators
Queen’s University Belfast: Enterprise Toolkit
Enterprise Toolkit is an enterprise education resource that can be adapted and employed by Enterprise Educators. It will provide an insight into the variety of enterprise education activities that have been tried and tested successfully amongst students at Queen’s University, Belfast. Activities that have a demonstrable effectiveness will be collated to develop a resource of materials that can be adapted and used to deliver enterprise education (curricular and extracurricular) by members of Enterprise Educators UK. The resource will be disseminated among members of Enterprise Educators UK via a web portal which will be developed as part of the project.
University of Huddersfield: Enterprise and entrepreneurship for postgraduate research students
The project aims to explore entrepreneurial intent in the current cohort of postgraduate research students at the University of Huddersfield, looking at drivers and barriers to enterprising attitudes and how the latter can be overcome. The research will produce a needs analysis to drive the development of a suite of learning opportunities to encourage and support enterprise in the research student population and research graduates. This research will provide a baseline understanding of enterprise experience and allow us to look for changes in enterprising culture and entrepreneurial intent over time.
Teesside University: Enterprise and innovation in social and commercial enterprises
This project aims to develop four case studies of social enterprises and four of commercial enterprises for comparative enterprise education purposes. Thus aiding students ability to compare and contrast both enterprise forms and make informed choices if considering start up. These will be overseen by a panel of academics in co operation with EE UK.
University of Buckingham: To conduct research to produce a "Guide" to entrepreneurship educators on how to encourage women to develop their entrepreneurial spirit
The objective of this research project will be to produce a report and “Guide” that will identify and recommend realistic ways in which women can be encouraged to develop their entrepreneurial spirit, by studying and starting businesses on undergraduate action based entrepreneurship education programmes.    
The project will include desk research in current action based entrepreneurship education programmes in universities, field visits to the UK and European universities that have the highest percentage of women students studying action based enterprise and entrepreneurship and field visits to five schools in England to verify and expand the findings of the research.

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