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Enterprise Alliance Welcomes Wilson Review

“With several organisations operating in the enterprise/entrepreneurial education space, there is risk of overlap and a potential inefficient use of public money. The Enterprise Alliance has been formed by three key membership organisations operating in this space: The Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Educators UK and NACUE. Collectively, these organisations represent undergraduate and postgraduate students, educators, academic researchers and those who support enterprise development. The formation of this alliance is welcomed; it is imperative that collaboration between these organisations is successful at national and local level”.

Wilson Review, February 2012


The membership organisations behind The Enterprise Alliance UK today welcomed the Wilson Review on University Business Collaboration. The Institute for Small Business & Entrepreneurship (ISBE), Enterprise Educators UK (EEUK) and the National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs (NACUE) each published responses to the Review, commenting on the positive effect its focus on enterprise and entrepreneurship will have on the accelerated expansion of enterprise and entrepreneurship education to benefit all students.


The Alliance, which brings together national membership-based organisations representing students, educators, and academic researchers in the vitally important areas of enterprise and entrepreneurship in Higher Education, strongly welcomes the Review and all of its recommendations. The reflective recommendation that universities should consider the strategies in place to ensure students have access to curricular and extra-curricular enterprise education is of paramount importance to our respective members and to the sector as a whole. This is in line with the draft Guidelines on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education, newly published by QAA, to which the Alliance members have contributed significantly. It is also greatly encouraging to see the role of NACUE being championed, as an organisation which fellow Alliance members work with and advise closely through the Enterprise Societies project steering group, supported by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), and through ongoing direct interactions. Similarly, we are pleased to see EEUK commended as a resource to inform best practice in enterprise education.


The Alliance also welcomes the focus on post-graduate enterprise and entrepreneurship education and skills development, which is an area in which EEUK and ISBE have been active in for many years through a range of research, development projects, training conferences, workshops and events. This also presents a welcome opportunity for NACUE as it explores how to engage more post-graduate students.


The Alliance members strongly endorse Sir Tim’s recommendation that the members continue to collaborate at a local and national level. From the launch of the Alliance in 2010, the members have collaborated closely to ensure joined-up and coherent contributions to policy and educational developments, as well as messaging to policy makers at both national and international levels. This is an approach that has been warmly welcomed by BIS and other stakeholders.


The Alliance acknowledges that the landscape of enterprise, Higher Education and the economy has changed greatly since its launch two years ago in 2010 and will continue to evolve rapidly. For this reason, it is now timely for the Alliance to review its role and membership, with the aim of enhancing its effectiveness in the coming years. The Alliance will therefore consult with other independent organisations who are engaged in developing entrepreneurship in Higher Education about how best to achieve this. Also, over the coming year we will continue to work to ensure that our respective members are connected and collaborating both nationally and at local level to deliver greater impact.


Finally, the Alliance members welcome our proposed role in reviewing the definition of graduate employment and how graduate entrepreneurs are accurately measured and reported in the Key Information Set. This has been an ongoing concern for many of our respective members, and we look forward to engaging their thoughts & suggestions in the HEFCE consultation.


The full press release can be accessed here.

The Wilson Review site can be accessed here.

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