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Mashhop - The Flipped Classroom Experiment

Since IEEC2012 the Mashhop team (lead by Matthew DraycottUniversity of East Anglia and EEUK board member, working with Frances Brown of Coventry University) has been working on a project to develop a space for educators to experiment with delivering enterprise education via a flipped classroom scenario.  A ‘flipped’ classroom is a way of teaching that gives the students the ‘lectures’ in the form of videos to watch in their own time meaning that when they arrive to their class they have already heard the theory part of the session and can take advantage of the time to work on group or live activities and benefit from more discussion time with the lecturer.

The team was keen that students benefit both from having subjects taught by passionate educators teaching their specialist subjects and from having more time for face-to-face interaction with their own enterprise educator.  By giving students access to the lectures outside of class time they can learn at their own pace and have the option of multiple viewings to enhance understanding.


The website is now live and there are eleven educators already on board and any others who would like to get involved will be welcomed in this exploratory stage of the project to see how using the resources works, what could be changed and share experiences of a flipped classroom.  To get involved contact the Mashhop team via the website or fill in the online form here.

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