Coaching and mentoring for start-ups and growth: The future in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times

10:00 am - 4:00 pm 17/06/2019

Leeds Beckett University, Leeds


Coaching and mentoring for start-ups and growth:

The future in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times

Monday June 17th 2019 10am – 4pm

Rose Bowl Room 513

Leeds Beckett University, Portland Crescent, Leeds, LS1 3HB

Delegates had the opportunity to:

  • Extend the breadth and depth of knowledge of coaching and mentoring for entrepreneurs and start-up businesses
  • Be inspired by showcase examples of good practice from around the globe
  • Have lots of opportunities to share practical tips and techniques that can be immediately applied
  • Extend personal networks, explore opportunities to work together and develop action plans through Future Search


This event was of benefit to people working as coaches or mentors and staff working in universities and colleges who design and deliver coaching and mentoring programmes for entrepreneurs, start-ups and growing businesses.

The day started with a keynote from Professor Bob Garvey who is an acknowledged expert in the field. Bob drew on extensive national and international experience and set the scene for the day.

An experienced coach mentor and practitioner  then asked some entrepreneurs to share their experiences of coaching and mentoring.  The session teased out key learning points associated with what works well and why for both mentors and mentees.

During the afternoon an introduction to Future Search ensured interactivity and enabled people to work on what matters to them.  This session encouraged reflection, innovation and action planning and was facilitated by Professor Jeff Gold.  Key issues and changes in the world impacting on the future of coaching and mentoring were discussed and followed by an exploration of the current system. Jeff encouraged participants to consider what to keep, drop and create to finally envision a more desirable system. A clear set of practical outcomes from this interactive and stimulating aspect of the day emerged.

Speakers and facilitators

  • Professor Bob Garvey (The Professional Mentor)
  • Professor Jeff Gold (York St John/Leeds Beckett University)
  • Professor David Devins (Leeds Beckett University)
  • Faresh Maisura (MD Blueberry Solutions)
  • Abi Golland (Director Street Food Chef)
  • Auriel Majumdar (Sheffield Hallam University)


Slides may be downloaded here:

Bob Garvey, The Professional Mentor

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