Consultation: Influencing a Positive Future for Social Entrepreneurship in a Post Covid 19 and Sustainability Driven World

9:00 am - 5:00 pm 19/07/2022

Powerhouse, Cooper Building, King William Walk, London, SE10 9JH

I would like to invite you to contribute to the future of social enterprise consultation that is being organised on the 19th of July 2022 at the University of Greenwich. Delegates can attend face to face or online via Ms Teams. There will be keynote speakers and thematic group discussions at the event.

The aim of this gathering of social enterprise academics and practitioners is to contribute to an evidence-based white paper on the future of social enterprise growth and scalability for increased social impact and systemic change. How the current, economic, and environmental challenges can be addressed for the survival of the social enterprise movement and humanity is a critical objective of this meeting. The document developed from this consultation is aimed at shaping future policy and actions for social entrepreneurship by stakeholders such as governments and institutions, etc.

We are soliciting contributions from academics and practitioners by way of sending in a piece of an evidence-based insight of about one page (max) on any issue affecting the development and growth of social entrepreneurship and enterprises that needs to be addressed to enable the social enterprise ecosystem to thrive. The short piece should be based on your lived experience as a social enterprise researcher or practitioner. Your contribution should be backed with evidence from primary research or a review of relevant social enterprise studies and reports. All forms of research methodologies will be accepted including storytelling and observations that accommodate a diversity of philosophies.

Accepted contributions will be compiled and thematically analysed into a strategic document with recommendations that will be disseminated to key stakeholders. The aim will be to influence and catalyse future policy development and action for social entrepreneurs at a local, national, and international level.

Part of this work will be included in a Journal as an editor’s invitational piece. While further work and deliberations will inform a White Paper to be disseminated more widely using open-source platforms to increase access for stakeholders.

Listed below are some of the areas of social enterprise activity that we are soliciting contributions, however, they are not exhaustive and other themes can be proposed through your contribution:

  • National and countrywide social enterprise development
  • How do we increase Graduate social entrepreneurship outcomes?
  • Social enterprise financing and resourcing
  • Social enterprise and unemployment intervention
  • Alternative ways of viewing and practising social entrepreneurship: learning from the Global South
  • Where are we now: A look at social entrepreneurship through the diffusion of innovation theory and the product life cycle?
  • University social entrepreneurship: declining or growing?
  • Social entrepreneurship and digital technology: the opportunity and the challenges
  • Adopting and adaptation of effective and pragmatic governance structures for SE growth
  • Reflections on social enterprise in the health and social care sector
  • Social entrepreneurship and “Green Energy”
  • Can SEs grow and scale beyond the SME level? What do we know about corporate social enterprises?
  • Faith-Based Social Enterprises: Fact or Fiction?
  • Women in social enterprise leadership: the challenges and the opportunities
  • Social enterprise training: what does the future hold?
  • How can social enterprises ameliorate the cost-of-living crises and recession?
  • Forms of social entrepreneurship in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Re-imagining social entrepreneurship
  • Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Social Enterprise: the challenges so far

Contributions are sought in the following format – max one page plus reference pages:

Executive summary:

For case studies and reports


For evidence-based articles; theoretical and conceptual papers; generated new models for catalysing SEs; Reflexive pieces on action-based works and field-based experiments; pieces that articulate new possibilities, models and avenues; interviews with thought leaders, leading practitioners in SE, faith leaders and policymakers.

The closing date for submission of contributions is 25th June 2022 to allow the scientific team to compile and develop a working document.

Contributors may be asked to present individually or as a group on the day.

For further information please contact:

Charles Oham


Senior Lecturer Social Enterprise

University of Greenwich

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