Strategy as practice meets Entrepreneurship as Practice – mutual gains or competition?

10:00 am - 4:00 pm 16/01/2019

William Morris Building G14, Gosford Street , Coventry , CV1 5FB

British Academy of Management Event 

Practice theory applications offer great insights that follow much better the calls by policy makers and practitioners alike to provide knowledge that offers actionable recommendations to improve policy and business practice.

While SAP – strategy as practice – has been organised more formally and much longer than EAP – entrepreneurship as practice – the speed of adaption of practice theories in entrepreneurship research means the field is developing quickly. Both strands of research meet the demands of the relevance debate of research.

This workshop is intended to take stock of the achievements and insights generated and starting a conversation with practitioners if the intention of generating more helpful knowledge for practice improvement is well on the way or if additional adjustments would be needed.

The keynote presenation if by well-known Strategy as Practice specialist Professor Paula Jarzabkowski on the state of the art in Strategy as Practice research, followed by Dr. Orla Byrne, updating us on the state of the art in entrepreneurship as practice research. Two brief examples of empirical research in both arenas illustrate how applications of practice theory can offer additional insights not possible with other theoretical framing. A short panel where practitioners and practice theory specialist explore the two business applications follows. The day finishes with a market place for finding potential collaborators for further research projects and guidance of writing for publication from two Journal (Co-)Editors in Chief.

 The audience is newcomers or established researchers with an interest in practice theory applications.

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