Big Ideas Wales

Big Ideas Wales is a part of the Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy (YES), a Welsh Government funded programme launched in 2004, which aims to promote entrepreneurship to young people aged 5-25.

Our inspirational campaign plants an entrepreneurial seed in the minds of young people, and helps to nurture that seed to fruition. We are here to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs in Wales to think big ideas, to ignite their innovative spark, and to provide information, support and guidance to those that are prepared to take the leap.

We have a network of 355 Role Models; passionate and successful Welsh entrepreneurs willing to share their stories regarding their path to business success. Through Big Ideas Wales, these Role Models deliver over 2,500 inspirational and exploration workshops a year in FE, HE and Outside of Education institutions, which enables young people to get a taste of entrepreneurship and to explore it as a realistic option.

Our aim

To develop and nurture self-sufficient, entrepreneurial young people in all communities across Wales, who will contribute positively to economic and social success.

We also aim to help partners – teachers, tutors, youth leaders and organisations that work with young people to develop enterprise skills, providing tools and resources to support curriculum and help teachers and tutors deliver entrepreneurship education in Wales.

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