Business and Technology University

Business and Technology University established the Center for Entrepreneurship in partnership with Henley Business School in 2019. The main goal of the Center is to contribute to the development and internationalization of the Georgian entrepreneurship ecosystem. The center aims to do so by continuously conducting research in the field, initiating discussion among key actors in the ecosystem about the necessary improvements to legal frameworks, suggesting innovative solutions, projects etc. The BTU Center for Entrepreneurship offers free programs to startups throughout Georgia. Startup bootcamps, training, workshops, hackathons, regional research, access to finance opportunities represent only a few of the center’s activities.

Some of our ongoing activities include:

  • BTU B2B Accelerator
  • Agritech Accelerator For Women In Eastern Georgia
  • Founder’s Gap Programme
  • Book Translation Project – Venture Deals
  • Digital Economy Digest
  • 5000 Gel Startup Grant For Students
  • Startup Talks – Webinar Series
  • Business Clinic & Tech Clinic
  • Individual Mentorships
  • Research In Entrepreneurship