National Institute of Fine Art and Design

NIFAD is a higher educational institution in the field of fine art and design in Uzbekistan.  Today NIFAD is the most expertise and specialized higher educational institution in the field of fine arts and design in Uzbekistan. The Institute  is a dynamically developing educational, scientific and socio-cultural center of the country, combining many areas of fine arts, including national, classical, modern, as well as painting, graphics, sculpture, fashion design, interior design and product design, including BA, MA and PhD students.

The Enterprise team created in the frame of the Creative Spark is based in the Institute creative lab, helping students of the NIFAD with information, advice, training and lab space, as follows:

Enterprise workshops with creative industries representatives.

Enterprise training: student workshops, training events, mentoring-related events, webinars and digital resources.

Competitions and awards: skills development competitions, pitching training.


Umida Zunnunova, local coordinator of the Creative Spark in the NIFAD,

Oybek Kasimov, Enterprise team officer of the creative lab,

Sayyora Zakirova, digital resources officer of the creative lab,