Oxentia Ltd

Oxentia is a global innovation management and commercialisation consultancy. Our mission is to support the development of innovative ideas into products and services that benefit society. To this aim, we provide high-quality innovation management strategic advice, training, mentoring and accelerators to organisations and entrepreneurs around the world.

For over fifteen years, we have engaged with large corporates, SMEs, startups, universities, research organisations, academics and governments across the world to deliver our mission. We have worked with a diverse range of cultural differences within different socio-economic environments, gaining unique perspectives on successful commercialisation approaches that can be implemented in different regions and countries.

Our team brings together an exceptional blend of technical and commercial experience that cuts across most research disciplines, including digital, electronics, materials, engineering, and the life sciences, making us uniquely suited to support international tech-based innovators from different fields.


Main contacts

Britta C Wyatt, britta.wyatt@oxentia.com

Tim Hart, tim.hart@oxentia.com