St Mary’s University, Twickenham

The School of Management and Social Sciences (MSS) offers established and successful undergraduate and postgraduate across a range of sociologically-based specialist areas, such as Business Management, Education and Social Science, Geography, Tourism, Psychology and Law.

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship form an important cornerstone of the strategic development of the School’s undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

The BSc Business Management and Enterprise programme will provide aspiring entrepreneurial students with the skills and knowledge related to a wide variety of topics relating to entrepreneurship, business start-ups, social enterprise and workplace opportunities where they can observe entrepreneurial activities in action.

The MA Charity Management programme permits students to study social enterprises and the organisation’s ability to achieve societal ambitions.

Similarly, the MA International Business Management provides opportunities for students to work within European entrepreneurial organisations whilst undertaking relevant business management modules.

The School is assisting Caritas Westminster in the establishment of a Social Enterprise Centre to assist disadvantaged sections of society. Within the Centre, ex-offenders, immigrants, refugees, orphans amongst others will be provided an opportunity to start their own small business as a medium to social mobility and in some cases social justice.

Main Contact: Vanessa Beever – Deputy Head of School

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