Tashkent State Technical University

Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov (TSTU) is one of the oldest and most famous universities in Uzbekistan. TSTU has been at the forefront of the technical universities of Uzbekistan. Since the establishment of the university, almost 100 years have passed. The university has 8 faculties: engineering technologies, mechanics, mechanical engineering, Thermal energy engineering, power engineering, electronics and automation, geology-exploration and mining-metallurgy, oil and gas faculties, and 62 departments in the university structure.

TSTU is Uzbekistan’s largest engineering university that educates and provides most engineers to all spheres of industry. Every year, we sign new agreements between our university and industrial companies to train students, provide internship programs, and employ graduates. Collaborations with more than 70 large industrial companies around the country have been established so far.

Our flagship arrangement with Technopark conglomerate will allow students to get training at modern industrial enterprises, be highly qualified personnel, and be employed at the largest technological company in the country for the next three years. The faculty also benefit as they get access to modern machinery, technology processes and workforce demands that would not normally be available in university laboratories.