Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion review of operational procedures.

Description of the goods or services required

Ensuring that our organisation is inclusive, representative and provides equal opportunities for all has been identified as a key goal, especially as we look to expend our operations on a global stage.

EEUK wishes to commission a review of all current procedures, policies, structures and opportunities to ensure that our organisation is inclusive, that recruitment and application processes are fair and that we are fully inclusive of our current and potential membership.

The review will identify any overt or hidden discrimination or bias which may be currently restricting engagement with our events, activities, opportunities, governance, and structures.

The review will be primarily paper based, looking at a specified range of ‘touch points’ and providing a written report highlighting areas of poor practice and making recommendations on how processes and procedures can be amended to better serve our associates in an inclusive manner. The review is non-prescriptive but should include consideration of sex, gender, sexuality, race, religion, ethnicity, disability, neurodivergence, location, career progression or role. The review will draw on the expertise of the reviewer in these areas.

The review will make clear and actionable recommendations on changes to be made to the current procedures, policies, structures and opportunities.

Tenders should be submitted by email to finance.director@enterprise.ac.uk by 11.59pm on the 28/02/2023

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