Policy 2020

Written by Alison Price


This year’s IEEC(Online) policy update provided an overview as to that many of the things that had been stopped (to support institutions to take teaching online), have since restarted (metrics (TEF, KEF) and consultations) and a reminder of where to go for support and more information.

So here are the links you can follow to find out more:

With REF, TEF and KEF restarting with new dates and milestones, watch out for the new subject level TEF and the KEF Concordat

The Government declared (Sept 2020) that it would reduce the institutional admin burden, which sees the streamlining of data record keeping and the end of the NSS  (National Student Survey) see 2.4.

Entrecomp has an increasingly amount of support documents – so check out the EEUK briefing and watch our recent AGCAS-EEUK webinar (August 2020) which focuses on the Entrepreneurial Employee.  But the two reports came out in August so in case you missed them, check out both the ‘playbook’ and ‘EntrecompAtWork’. Entrecomp is now supported by a new playbook which is a collection of practices, tools and examples to activate EntreComp across 9 principles with the potential to be a new methodology for building entrepreneurial skills at work and also EntreCompAtWork which has 10 case studies highlighting the diversity of ways EntreComp can be used: workforce development, design of training, support for start-ups, and personal development plan

After last year’s Rose Review, latest gender report from the Women’s Enterprise Policy Group (WEPG) outlines why policy needs to sensitive to women entrepreneurs to be effective. Making 6 policy asks, the report suggests that current Government policy has failed to recognise the additional challenges faced by millions of women-led businesses. Read the full report here to appreciate the impact that Covid-19 will have on the widening gender enterprise gap and check out section 5 if you support business starts.

We were also reminded of the importance of the pipeline with the latest report from Tenpreneurs (educating future founders) which reinforces the need to support young entrepreneurs and those undertaking research or following customer discovery in the light of future visa changes and access across Europe.  The need for support for our young people is clear when we revisited 2017’s  Youth Entrepreneurship Aspiration research that shows that aspiration is high in Wales, and identifies 5 segments that highlighted need to step away from ‘one step for all’ approach to enable progression.  In addition we also returned to the Future Founders report (in partnership Octopus) which found that young people are more likely to consider starting or have started a company if they are attending (65%) or have graduated from university (63%) compared to 18-25 year olds who haven’t attended university (53%).  EEUK will keep a close on international visas and issues for those working or researching across Europe, so let us know your issues and experiences as students return this September.

EEUK is here to amplify your voice – so please complete our current surveys: one on your professional priorities and the other on metrics, tracking and the records! Please share your views and we will share the findings with you soon!

Alison Price, Head of Policy and Professional Development, EEUK