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All staff at member organisations are EEUK associates.

Membership of EEUK is open to all organisations worldwide.

Member organisations and associates benefit from the following:

  • Richard Beresford Bursary to support the personal development of early career enterprise and entrepreneurship educators.
  • Major discounts to attend the leading global enterprise and entrepreneurship education conference, IEEC .
  • Opportunity to host events, thereby attracting significant profile for the member organisation.
  • Free attendance at EEUK Enterprise Exchange events (£125 for face-to-face events and £100 for online events for non-members) and opportunities to contribute to such events.
  • £50 discount to participate in the EEUK Fast Track to Enterprise Education and Practice series to support early career educators and practitioners to develop their practice.
  • £75 discount to apply for the EEUK Fellowship.
  • Impact Fund (formerly EERPF) ~ so far £230,000 has been awarded to members.
  • Membership of a global peer network of over 1200 EEUK associates from 115 organisations.
  • Global representation to raise awareness of the importance of enterprise and entrepreneurship education
  • Newsletters, blogs and Twitter (@EEUK has over 8200 followers) as well as LinkedIn and Facebook 
  • Free to use vacancy notice board – all listed vacancies also tweeted.
  • Member profiles to tell the world about our members’ enterprising programmes and activities
  • National Enterprise Educator Awards ~ recognising the crucial role of educators and practitioners
  • Eligibility to display the EEUK Member logo.
  • International links which enable our members to to become engaged with the EU, UN and other global opportunities.

Our membership year runs 1 August to 31 July, and the rate for 2024/2025 is £1,200 for one year membership and £1,995 for two years. We only offer organisational membership meaning that every member of staff is eligible to benefit as an EEUK Associate.

To find out more about membership and how to join please contact us.