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All staff at member organisations are EEUK associates.

Member organisations and associates benefit from the following:

  • Richard Beresford Bursary to support the personal development of early career enterprise and entrepreneurship educators.
  • Major discounts to attend the leading global enterprise and entrepreneurship education conference, IEEC ~ worth up to £168 per staff member.
  • Opportunity to host events including IEEC, thereby attracting significant profile for the member organisation.
  • Free attendance at EEUK Enterprise Exchange events (£125 for face-to-face events and £100 for online events for non-members) and opportunities to contribute to such events.
  • £50 discount to participate in the EEUK Fast Track to Enterprise Education and Practice series to support early career educators and practitioners to develop their practice.
  • £75 discount to apply for the EEUK Fellowship.
  • Enterprise Education and Research Project Fund ~ so far £210,000 has been awarded to members.
  • Discounted fee and ‘fast track’ to Fellowship of The RSA.
  • Membership of a peer network of over 1000 EEUK associates from 100+ organisations.
  • National representation to raise awareness of the importance of enterprise and entrepreneurship education
  • Newsletters, blogs and Twitter (@EEUK has 7800+ followers) as well as LinkedIn and Facebook 
  • Free to use vacancy notice board – all listed vacancies also tweeted.
  • Member profiles to tell the world about our members’ enterprising programmes and activities
  • Impact Showcase to highlight the impact of EEUK associates’ work
  • National Enterprise Educator Awards ~ recognising the crucial role of educators and practitioners
  • Eligibility to display the EEUK Member logo.
  • International links which enable our members to to become engaged with the EU, UN and other global opportunities.

All of the above costs just £700 per annum or £1250 for two years for an organisational membership meaning that every member of staff is eligible to benefit as an EEUK associate.