Structure and Governance of EEUK

EEUK is governed by a Board of Directors elected by EEUK Associates on behalf of their Member Organisation. The Board of Directors is EEUK’s overall decision-making body which delegates day -to-day decision making to an Executive Committee formed of the EEUK President, Vice-President, Finance Director and President Elect or Past President, supported by EEUK’s Operations Team. Each of EEUK’s main areas of activity is supported by a Sub-committee of the Board made up of EEUK Directors and Associates, and the longer-term direction setting of EEUK is informed by an Advisory Council composed of representatives of its Member Institutions as well as EEUK Honorary Fellows, Fellows, past Directors, and strategic partners. This structure is summarised below.


EEUK’s Advisory Council, Board and Sub-Committees of the Board are populated by volunteers from our community of EEUK Associates; any employee of our Member Institutions that identifies with our purpose of enabling excellence in enterprise education and start-up support. The Board of Directors is elected each year, but the Associate roles on the Advisory Council and Sub-committees are advertised and appointed as a vacancy arises. Below you will find a short overview of each group and a link to its Terms of Reference. To apply for any vacancies for EEUK Associates please complete the Committee Nomination Form, selecting the group you are interested in. If you are interested in more than one group, you will need to submit for each group that you’d like to be considered for.

Deadline to apply for the NRC is 30th September.

All other deadlines 18th October.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council usually meets annually to help the EEUK Board of Directors determine strategic and operational priorities. Several groups of stakeholders are invited to participate including, EEUK Fellows, past Directors, and strategic partners. In addition, each Member Institution is represented by one of their Associates. There are currently 115 vacancies.

Policy, Research, and Impact Committee

This committee is responsible for overseeing all of EEUK’s activity to develop and support policy, commission and review research, and collect and report on the impact of enterprise education. Members of the committee with help to organise and allocate our Enterprise Education and Research Project Fund (EERPF) as well as oversee our Communities of Interest and Special Interest Groups around key policy and research areas. There are four places on the committee for EEUK Associates, and four vacancies currently.

Nominations and Representation Committee

This committee supports the election of EEUK Directors and the appointment of EEUK Associates to the Advisory Council and the Board’s Sub-committees. It is also responsible for monitoring equality, diversity and inclusion across the organisation and its committees. There are four places on the committee for EEUK Associates and four vacancies currently.

Governance and Risk Committee

As well as supporting the governance of EEUK and overseeing its financial performance, this committee is responsible for the environmental impact of our organisation and activities, and the relationships we have with strategic partners. Members will also be involved with business development activity to support the growth of EEUK. There are three places on this committee for EEUK Associates and three vacancies currently.

Practice and Professional Development Committee

The EEUK Fellowship, our Enterprise Exchange and Fast Track events as well as our Richard Beresford Bursaries and ETC Toolkit are the responsibility of this committee. Members will be involved in promoting, organising, and evaluating these headline activities, ensuring they are accessible and effective at developing the professional practice of our community. There are four places on this committee for EEUK Associates and four vacancies currently.

Conference Steering Committee

This committee is responsible for supporting the Conference Director to design, develop and deliver EEUK’s annual International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference (IEEC) and is composed of EEUK Directors as well as up to three EEUK Associates nominated by the Conference Host organisation.

There are no vacancies at the moment

Membership Advisory Groups

These three groups focus on the needs of EEUK Associates that align with the three professional pathways identified by the EEUK Fellowship; Academic, Practitioner and Influencer. Members of the groups advise the Board of issues and opportunities related to the specific pathway as well as generate ideas on how EEUK can develop its offer. The groups are also responsible for the production of targeted marketing materials, communications and online resources. Each group has six places for the relevant EEUK Associates and each has six vacancies currently.