AGCAS and EEUK launch the first Fast-Track to Enterprise for Careers Professionals

Written by Helen Hook

Careers Services are being required more and more to provide enterprise and entrepreneurship support to students.  To support Careers Professionals to do this effectively AGCAS (The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Service) and EEUK launched a bespoke training event for Careers Professionals to share good practice from across the sector.

We welcomed Careers Advisors, Employability Leads, Entrepreneurship Co-ordinators, and Heads of Service to collectively learn and discuss:

  • Useful frameworks and toolkits which could be used.
  • Insights and approaches when supporting student start-ups.
  • Embedding Enterprise Education into the curriculum.

“I felt that the AGCAS training was great to have such a mix of professionals and how they work with students, how their institutions worked in terms of enterprise delivery and also to just get a sense I am not the only one who feels a little out of my depths with the topic at times” (University of Chester)