Are you listening?

Written by Alison Price


Whilst recognising that our current students have already experienced so much change, it is also clear that the world of work is shifting ahead of them.  Recent surveys, such as the July 2021 Nexus/CBI report, suggest that “93% of firms plan to adopt hybrid working models and only 5% expect to work entirely from an office” and within recruitment, hybrid or stated location options are a clear trend in job adverts. We are being challenged to support this cohort as they make educational and professional transitions by providing support for their digital and mental health needs (take a look at ”Turbocharging the Future” report).

In listening to client/stakeholder needs, the EEUK membership inevitably draws from education, business, employability, and policy to understand those we work with as we seek to:

We want to hear from you too! We want your concerns and issues as well as your successes (see EEUK impact case studies) as we issue a reminder to shout out to all your stakeholders (internal and external) about all that you do, as you work within your local communities building relationships and supporting students and businesses!  Get in touch with us  – we are listening.

Alison Price, Head of Policy and Professional Development, EEUK