Assessing student capacity, progress or impact?

Written by Alison Price


Enterprise educators and researchers from four UK Universities have come together to research the available ‘impact’ assessment tools for enterprising and entrepreneurial curricula. EEUK members, the University of Buckingham, in partnership with the Royal Agricultural University and the Universities of Birmingham and Derby have, over the last two years, been working together on this EEUK funded research project.  Part of this project has been to explore online tools which have been identified as having the potential to measure impacts in enterprising and entrepreneurial curricula.

The goal of this work was to identify gaps in current provision but, as the project developed, the team realised that an impartial overview of the tools, their themes, functions, reporting systems and costs, might be helpful to colleagues, especially as they take #EntEdOnline. At this juncture EEUK offered to host this latest work on ETCToolkit.

This review represents one of the most thorough explorations of these tools ever undertaken. To complete it, the team inspected assessments from all over the world. In each instance, these had been previously highlighted as having the potential to assess a respondent’s skills, attitudes, competencies and/or mindset in the context of enterprise and/or entrepreneurial education. Once the tools had been identified, members of the team explored their functions, reporting output and, any supporting literature that accompanied them. From this work a standardised database was produced to make it possible to easily compare the tools and their application which you can now find easily by searching ‘EERPF’ through the ETCToolkit.

It is hoped that the breadth of this review and its approach will help EEUK Associates make more informed decisions about the tools they are using so that they can better measure learning and process, as well as track and reflect on the impact of their work.