Competence frameworks – research into impact

Written by Kate Beresford


‘Mapping DigComp and EntreComp Use’ is set to explore the DigComp and EntreComp frameworks in an innovative new project.

Following Dr Margherita Bacigalupo’s keynote speech at IEEC2018 last month, and her introduction to EntreComp – the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, further work is now taking place.  This new project will investigate the applications of both EntreComp and DigComp, the European Digital Competence Framework for Citizens.

Enterprise Evolution, the consultancy service at The Women’s Organisation, has been commissioned by the EC’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) to analyse the use and application of the two competence frameworks in order to inform employment policy in particular.

The project will provide a deep analysis into the DigComp and EntreComp frameworks, focusing on how the documents have been deployed in practice to help individuals get into or progress in work.

The research project will be the first to combine work on the EntreComp and DigComp frameworks.

Enterprise Evolution are set to lead on the research, alongside colleagues Elin McCallum and Rebecca Weicht from Bantani Education and digital inclusion expert Stefano Kluzer acting as senior researchers.

Lisa McMullan, Director for Development and Consultancy at Enterprise Evolution and The Women’s Organisation, says: “’Mapping DigComp and EntreComp Use’ is a unique opportunity to combine the lessons learnt from those applying both the competence frameworks. Not only will the research feed into new education, training and employment policy areas, but it will also offer up practical ways of how the frameworks can be furthered and applied.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for those who have experienced the frameworks first-hand to get involved, share their experiences, and help inform and shape the future of the sector.”

An integral part of the project, the team will be identifying and analysing a series of case studies from across Europe.

Enterprise Evolution are now calling for any EEUK members or contacts who have used the DigComp or EntreComp frameworks to offer employment support and would like to be included in the research as a case study, to get in touch.

If you would like to be considered for inclusion in the prestigious project, or know someone who would, please contact Lisa McMullan at for more information.