Complete and share – survey for new EEUK SIG in light of climate and ecological crisis 

Written by Catherine Brentnall

Complete and share – survey for new EEUK SIG in light of climate and ecological crisis 

A survey has opened to gather input to inform a proposal for a new Special Interest Group (SIG), for educators interested and concerned about how Enterprise Education should change in light of unsustainability challenges.

The survey was launched at a lunch-and-learn session at IEEC at the University of Surrey, where participants had a brief introduction to Business-as-Usual trendlines, climate tipping points and social tipping points.

At this session participants discussed their personal and professional concerns about the climate crisis, what should change in Enterprise Education and what they would want from a new SIG (the three questions that the survey includes).

An interesting question was posed (by Matteo Giusti, a Future Fellow from the University of Surrey who presented in the Sustainable Development Goals track), who said participants should ask themselves what Enterprise Education/Educators should stop doing (rather than just what they should just innovate).

The survey is open to any educator or stakeholder interested in informing the SIG proposal. The SIG proposal is being convened by Catherine Brentnall, from Manchester Metropolitan University’s Department for Strategy, Enterprise and Sustainability and David Higgins, from the University of Liverpool’s Management School. A dissemination event for the EEUK-supported research project Catherine and David developed last year – Enterprise Education and Planetary Sustainability: What can EE do?  – is also being planned.

The survey will be open for a month and responses will inform the proposal as well as providing a mechanism for interested colleagues to express an interest in getting involved.

Complete the survey/share the link here: