Disaffection and anxiety: how Enterprise Education can support a turbulent generation

Written by Dave Bolton

Start of a new year and we are already trying to continue with good intentions, It certainly has been an extremely odd few years and for us as enterprise educators, or indeed educators in general, the differences to what we were experiencing prior to March 2020 are profound.

A key area seems to be the generalised mental health issues that are being experienced by students to varying degrees which are manifesting themselves as apathy, anxiety and a distinct lack of resilience. From speaking with colleagues internationally, this is not an issue that is confined to the UK but is being experienced by educators on a global basis at multiple levels of study from primary to higher education.

This then poses the question of what we need to do to support these students moving forward. Is it a matter of just a change in pedagogy or is it something more fundamental that will force us to focus on the whole education environment including how we engage and how we assess?

My personal thoughts around this are that the sector needs to embrace enterprise education but more importantly the transferable skills it provides around creativity, resilience and problem solving to re-define the education landscape. We have a disaffected generation here and what we do in the coming months and years will have a profound and distinct impact on society in general.