Bringing enterprise education to all students

10:00 am - 4:00 pm 22/05/2018

Castle View, Leicester, LE1 5WH, Leicestershire


Civil Court, Leicester Castle Business School, Castle View, Leicester, LE1 5WH

Delegates had the opportunity to:

  • Discover best practice of embedding enterprise education outside of business schools
  • Discuss the barriers and solutions to engaging key stakeholders
  • Hear from speakers that have non-business backgrounds, yet are champions for enterprise within their disciplines
  • Network with like-minded enterprise educators that are passionate about spreading the word
  • Consider the research opportunities available within this field


This event explored the current best practices and developed ideas of how enterprise education can be further implemented in subjects other than business. The day had speakers from DMU and other universities and colleges sharing their experiences in branching outside of business disciplines, and sharing thoughts on how this process can be achieved with minimal friction.

Enterprise education is essential to all, yet does not form a cornerstone of many disciplines, therefore we will seek to consider how enterprise fits within topics such as health and life sciences, the arts, science and engineering. The speakers and workshops during the day are designed to get delegates recognizing barriers to implementing enterprise education in varying disciplines.

The day also included discussion around engaging key stakeholders and gaining their support in rolling out an institution wide enterprise education agenda.

Speakers and facilitators include

  • Dr Simon Hill – Senior Lecturer in Enterprise at De Montfort University
  • Helen Donnellan – Head of Business Engagement at De Montfort University
  • Professor David Rae – Professor in Enterprise at De Montfort University and EEUK Director
  • David Wick – Lecturer in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship at Coventry University
  • Iqbal Ullah – Lecturer in Business and Enterprise at Loughborough College
  • Diana Pasek-Atkinson – The Hive at Nottingham Trent University

The tweets from this event have been collated here.

Slides available here:

David Rae, DMU, CEI Launch

Diana Pasek Atkinson Business Minds and Babel Fish EEUK 22 5 2018

Iqbal Ullal, Loughborough College

David Wick, Coventry University

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