Enterprise Education and Planetary Sustainability – Relationship and Actions

2:15 pm - 4:15 pm 13/12/2023


Online Event

An event with Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Liverpool to explore the relationship between – and need for action regarding – Enterprise Education and Planetary Sustainability.

Wednesday December 13th, 2.15 – 4.15pm


This online event drew from research and action developed in 2022 through an EEUK EERPF project – ‘Enterprise Education and Planetary Sustainability: What can EE do?’

The session starts with a keynote from Dr Matteo Giusti, a Future Fellow in Sustainability Science from the University of Surrey. His research looks at human-nature relationships at the individual and social scale to understand how modern civilisations might regenerate themselves towards a more sustainable future. Matteo leads a research programme on “Cultural Shifts on Sustainable Systems” at the Institute for Sustainability to produce knowledge, policy recommendations, and creative works that make sustainability the new normal. His keynote presentation sets the scene for the session by focusing on the fundamental drivers of unsustainable development and how our shared culture and relationship with nature has transformational potential. This will go at the core of the links between Enterprise Education and Planetary Sustainability.

Following this, insights and results from the EEUK/EERPF project ‘Enterprise Education and Planetary Sustainability: What can EE do?’ was shared. The project, developed by Dr Catherine Brentnall from Manchester Metropolitan University and Dr David Higgins from the University of Liverpool, involved piloting a workshop process to catalyse change (towards sustainability) in Enterprise Education.

Following a brief introduction to the project and the resources available to replicate the workshop process, Catherine shared the results of a review into entrepreneurship and planetary boundaries and the possibilities of regenerative business design; and David shared the development of a new module which encompasses ethics and morals for more ecologically aware entrepreneurship.

Attendees had the opportunity to discuss and share practice in a plenary session and learn more about the development of a new EEUK Special Interest Group being proposed in this area.

Benefits to delegates:

  • The opportunity to consider and question the role of Enterprise Educators and Enterprise Education in relation to planetary sustainability, the climate crisis and ecological breakdown.
  • Re-imagine the sort of practice and research that Enterprise Educators should pursue to contribute to moving away from Business as Usual.
  • Engage in dialogue and connect with colleagues who share an interest or concern in this area.



Dr Catherine Brentnall

Dr David Higgins

Dr Matteo Giusti keynote slides EEUK






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