“Learning to fly: Entrepreneurship Research as a living process of inquiry”

10:00 am - 5:30 pm 22/02/2024

Date/Time: 22nd February 2024 from 10.00 am to 5.30pm 

University of Liverpool School of Law & Social Justice Open Space Learning Room,

University of Liverpool (Chatham Street, Liverpool, L69 7ZR) https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/law/contacts-and-directions/)

This one-day event gathers academics form different disciplines, including education and antropology, who will share insights on the question of ‘how can we make inquiry into entrepreneurship more interesting and purposeful?’. The workshop is purposefully structured through a series of “Creative Acts”, where we seek to re-discover, re-explore and re-engage with what “inquiry” means to us. We seek to uncover “practices” in regards to what it means to be curious, as to whether and how what one actually does inter-relates with how we view entrepreneurship as a field of inquiry. We present this workshop as inquiry in the making, specifically drawing from academic expertise outside of the entrepreneurship field, where research and life experiences are central to their conversations. Giving attention to our inquiry enables us to appreciate the unpredictable and provisional relations between us as researchers/educators and the influence of our research. Thoughtful inquiry requires the questioning of the relationship between ourselves, our roles as researchers, writers, and practitioners, how we enact our relationships with our audiences and wider communities and the theories/ concepts we work with in meaningful ways.

The workshop will provide a dialogic space where speakers and scholars from the field of education, anthropology and the arts will interact to help inform practice/methods with a view to meaningful and valuable scholarly development.

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Please Note – a live stream will be in operation for European colleagues on the day, details to follow.

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