Rethinking Enterprise Education

10:00 am - 3:30 pm 17/07/2024



July 17th, 10am – 3.30pm, 3.009, Alliance Manchester Business School


This event will provide an opportunity for interested educators, researchers and practitioners to connect, consider and re-think Enterprise Education. In light of the multi-crisis environment: climate change, food insecurity, excessive consumption, inequitable healthcare access, eroding democratic institutions and conflict, this event creates space to reconsider the focus of enterprise and entrepreneurship education and support.

Enterprise Education could contribute to solving social, environmental and political problems. Whilst enterprising people and entrepreneurs could be catalysts in bringing about the destruction of old economic and social patterns and impacting institutions through collective and regenerative models, yet enterprise education still largely emphasizes the contribution of the lone entrepreneur whose ideas have significant profit potential and encourages a focus on growth rather than sufficiency.  The greatest success of enterprise education in higher education still continues to be measured in terms of the hero entrepreneur who founds a venture that raises significant venture capital.

It is time to evaluate how this impacts the Enterprise Educator  who may be at conflict with themselves, and how these tensions effect the development of  critical discussion and debate within the classroom. How do we change student expectations that Enterprise Education is not just about the tools to start a competitive venture, but that it is a force for change in sparking shared creative solutions for a world in crisis ?

If Enterprise Educators are to bring new methods into the classroom and influence wider change in the field, it will require a combined approach among them to share and develop new thinking, frameworks and policy, and that is what the event aims to kickstart. The event will be face to face and interactive, combining dialogue and practical sessions to enable re-thinking and re-imagining from different perspectives.


The event proposes to have four tentative sessions:

  1. Exploring what’s at stake and how this impacts us as Enterprise Educators.
  2. Zooming in on current frameworks to influence Enterprise Education.
  3. Reimagining reflexive practices within the Enterprise classroom.
  4. Creating a new sandbox for enterprise education.

Who should attend ?

This event is designed for early career and experienced educators and researchers, enterprise administrators and managers and policy-makers who are focused on the ethical and pedagogical implications of enterprise education. It’s suitable for anyone passionate about enhancing enterprise education in curricula and through extra-curricular activities, those shaping the entrepreneurial eco-system and enables the collaboration and building of a wider interest group.


The session will be facilitated by

  1. Dr Suneel Kunamaneni, Senior Lecturer, Masood Entrepreneurship Centre, Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester
  2. Dr Catherine Brentnall, Senior Lecturer, Department of Strategy, Enterprise and Sustainability, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Benefits of attending are:

  • The opportunity to consider, question and re-think Enterprise and Entrepreneurship education and support as society tries to make sustainable shifts.
  • Practical ideas and activities to engage colleagues and students.
  • The opportunity to connect with colleagues and share practice/build connections.

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Attendee details

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