‘I get by with a little help from my EEUK Friends’ Reflections on IEEC 2022

Written by Emily Beaumont

I write this blog more than a week since the International Enterprise Educators Conference 2022 at Swansea University and I’m still buzzing from the experience!  Being face to face with enterprise and entrepreneurship educators from around the world, connecting and supporting each other to enable excellence is a positively energising experience.

There were many highlights to IEEC2022; the venue, the inspiring keynotes, the range of tracks covering every aspect of enterprise and entrepreneurship education, and how could I forget Alison Price’s policy update, but for me, it was making new, and renewing existing connections.  Around half of the 290 delegates present had never been to a previous IEEC.  I met with a number of our ‘newbies’ over lunch and felt so happy when they spoke about how welcoming, how inclusive, how fun our community of enterprise and entrepreneurship educators are.  It put them at ease and enabled them to fully engage with the range of activities that were on offer.

There was also the opportunity to sit down and catch up with colleagues who I hadn’t seen in person for a number of years.  Between the spirited conversations and hugs I realised that these individuals were more than just like-minded colleagues.  After spending years working together, sharing good practice, having challenging discussions, we had actually become friends.  These friendships are powerful, they have enabled me as an enterprise and entrepreneurship educator to keep going when times get tough, supported me in moments of uncertainty, and they’ve been there to celebrate at times of triumph!

So to all those newbies that joined us at IEEC 2022; Welcome!  I look forward to seeing you again at IEEC 2023, at the University of Surrey and I hope like me, you begin to feel the strength and comfort of the enterprise and entrepreneurship education community enabling you on your own journey to success.