Latest enterprise news from Loughborough, Lancaster and Westminster

Written by Kate Beresford


Loughborough University: new Start-Up Lab space

Loughborough University staff, students and alumnus recently celebrated the launch of The Start-Up Lab – a new and innovative co-working and training space for student businesses. This exciting project, made possible thanks to Santander Universities, provides students with the skills and support they need to develop their businesses (idea or existing) into the ‘real deal’. It also offers invaluable workshops and clinics. The support service forms an integral part of Loughborough Enterprise Network (LEN), which was launched last year to support students and graduates on their enterprise journey. The Start-Up Lab is open from 2pm-5pm, Monday to Friday, and is being overseen by Student Enterprise Adviser, Dr Sophie-Louise Hyde. More details here and a short video here.


Lancaster University: Work in Progress

The Enterprise Team at Lancaster were delighted this month to launch Work in Progress, a brand new facility to enhance their delivery of enterprise education. The space, which comprises a design studio and project room, is fully reconfigurable for different modes of delivery and design processes and is based in the centre of the campus, raising the profile of the service for all students and staff.  This has led to an enormous uplift in diversity of enquiries from across and outside the institution, from people looking to access the spaces and the facilitation services of the team. The EEUK Board can be seen visiting last month.


University of Westminster: POP UP Shop in Marylebone

From the 9-15 December 2018 The University of Westminster’s Creative Enterprise Centre will be hosting its inaugural POP UP shop at 67 York Street, Marylebone. With maximalism as its theme, the CEC will be showcasing 8 students and graduates across fashion, photography, textiles and illustration. The POP UP initiative is a pioneering enterprise and experiential learning project to support and showcase the University’s Creative Entrepreneurs. Selected participants were invited to develop their entrepreneurship attributes and grow & launch their brands and businesses, through a programme of workshops and 1-to-1 advisory appointments in the lead up to it. Follow on Instagram @westminsterpopup and for further details click here.