Bridgend College

Bridgend College’s mission statement is ‘Be all that you can be.’ The overall ambition for the multi- award winning Entrepreneurship provision is therefore to deliver an entrepreneurial learner journey that supports students and staff to be all that they can be in terms of enterprise and entrepreneurial skills.

When studying at Bridgend College learners will gain an understanding of entrepreneurship both in relation to their career opportunities and its importance to the economy and be fully aware of the support available to them at all stages of their learner and/ or entrepreneurial journey.

They will have the opportunity to

  • reflect on their own entrepreneurial skills and values
  • consider entrepreneurship within their career aspirations
  • gain and understanding of business ownership
  • identify opportunities for exploring entrepreneurship
  • take a positive step on their enterprise journey

Every learner that wishes to explore the idea of starting a business will have the opportunity to

  • become part of an entrepreneurial network
  • develop their entrepreneurial skills by attending workshops and taking part in experiential learning activities
  • access one to one support
  • be signposted to all the relevant support available in the Entrepreneurship eco-system

Learners wishing to equip themselves for business start- up will

  • be sign- posted to all relevant opportunities, organisations and individuals
  • receive support to expand their networks
  • be encouraged to further enhance their entrepreneurial skills through test trading.


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‘Start Your Own Business’