City University London

Located on the doorstep of Tech City, Europe’s fastest growing tech cluster, City University London is committed to delivering outstanding enterprise education for all of our students and inspiring the next generation of successful tech entrepreneurs and startups at City.

At the heart of this commitment is CityStarters; a broad range of extra-curricular enterprise education events, competitions and business incubation services for budding student and graduate entrepreneurs who have a great idea and want to make it happen.


We organise a wide range of events such as Bootstrap Business Seminars and Founders’ Thursdays to inspire students and provide an opportunity to meet entrepreneurs from the startup community, learn from business experts and meet with future collaborators and future co-founders.


We also run hands-on student enterprise competitions and bootcamps where students and recent alumni can work in teams to develop their ideas and pitch them to potential investors.

A prime example of this is CitySpark, an annual business design and doing competition where students and recent alumni can win up to £3,000 to bootstrap their idea and make it happen. Find out more about the winners of the 2013-14 competition.

Business Support & Incubation

Finally, we offer a range of different support services for budding student entrepreneurs from monthly Startup Surgeries to free legal clinics, free business cards (in partnership with and a dedicated student enterprise incubation space The Hangout.

Located just next to the Old Street Roundabout, The Hangout has been specially designed to create an inspirational space for students and recent graduates who want to get their idea off the ground, providing free coffee, hot-desking and business support as well as fostering relationships with academics, and other students and graduates from City University London and local Tech City entrepreneurs.

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