Co-Impact focuses on implementing projects in creative economy and entrepreneurship education.  Our team is located in Ukraine. We implement international and local educational projects.

Since 2019 Co-Impact in cooperation with the University of Portsmouth (UK), Poltava University of Economics and Trade (Ukraine)  and the Adult Center of Poltava Regional (Ukraine) implement the project Creative Spark Poltava under the British Council support.

We have experience in organizing the following activities:

  • developing curriculum and extracurricular courses on entrepreneurship and business topics;

  • conducting training for entrepreneurs, students;

  • conducting bootcamps on entrepreneurship;

  • producing audio-podcasts;

  • producing video-courses;

  • organizing public events (public lectures, presentations, forums, festivals );

  • providing consulting services on Marketing, Fundraising and other Entrepreneurial related topics;

  • creating media projects;

  • developing policy on local and state levels.

We cooperate with national and international organizations (British Council, DVV International, GIZ, Ukrainian Culture Fund), national government institutions (State Agency of Ukraine for Arts and Art Education and Ministry of Culture, Information Policy of Ukraine), local government institutions (Poltava Region Council, Poltava City Council, Institute of the city development by Poltava City Council, Diia Business.Poltava), educational institution,  universities and NGOs.


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