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What we do

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Centre Limited is a professional Human Capital Development (HCD) and management consultancy company that provides business and training services for economic empowerment and employment generation through local enterprise development and business linkages. Our Human capital development and educational approach is based on the principle of ‘Building people to build businesses and practical learning.’’ E&I is deeply committed to fostering an entrepreneurial spirit amongst young people by providing an end-to-end entrepreneurship start-up process to those who come into our network. In partnership with the Rivers State University, we run the Vocational Skills Training and Entrepreneurship Promotion (V-STEP)Program for venture creation and start-ups focused on equipping 300-level students at Rivers State University with practical skills and knowledge essential for their journey towards entrepreneurship/venture creation to contribute to the socio-economic development of our region.

Over the years, we have partnered with Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND) in the implementation of a Building Construction training project under a program titled Youth Employment Pathways (YEP) targeted at building the capacity of underprivileged youths in the rural area to enhance their employability and entrepreneurial prospects while providing job and access to market upon completion of the program. Our learning approach is a blend of real-life case studies, workshops, and corporate challenges, giving insights into business development and a network for industry linkages.

Our understanding of entrepreneurship education, skills and its importance to societal growth and strengthening enabled us to carry out the OGONI Local Enterprise Development and Business Linkages Program (OGONI-LED) for small business owners within the OGONI locality. The LED program sponsored by the Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Project (HYPREP) afforded local business owners with entrepreneurial skills, business literacy for growth and financial intelligence.

As an innovation-driven organization, we address the contemporary demands of the digital era through our Technology Innovation Driven Entrepreneurship Acceleration for Startups (Tech-IDEAS) program. Expanding our reach, we are working towards launching a Research-to-Impact (R2I) Commercialization program aimed at guiding early career researchers in bridging the gap between research outcomes and practical applications by nurturing innovation and linking research with tangible societal impact.

Our institution’s multifaceted approach to enterprise and entrepreneurship education not only equips beneficiaries with practical skills but also instills a spirit of innovation and resourcefulness, enabling them to contribute meaningfully to the entrepreneurial landscape of our society.

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Name: Engr. Chika Chinwah

Email: chinwahchika@gmail.com

Phone: 09092097910