Kingston University

Kingston University aims to give every student a learning experience in innovation and enterprise. We embed creative problem-solving, opportunity seeking, and communicating ideas and opportunitiesin-curriculum, across the university. Currently about 3,000 students benefit each year from these opportunities within their studies. Our objective is to help students prepare to be active and successful participants in a future where innovation and change are everywhere. Professionals from all walks of life join us to work with our students. For students, they provide live case studies, mentoring, problems to solve, and feedback to help with the preparation for the world of work. For the enterprises, these exchanges provide support for business growth and sustainability as well as an opportunity to contribute to the development of an enterprising generation. Our Enterprise programme specifically includes hackathons, competitions,an accelerator, and an incubator programme through which students can develop, test, and commercialise their ideas. Thanks to philanthropic donors, we are able to offer micro-funding and a living wage for a small number of promising entrepreneurs and their ideas. Kingston has a strong track record in delivering new startups among recent graduates, too, reporting more graduate startups than any other UK university over the last 10 years (source: HE Business Community Interaction Survey). Find out more here.

Contact: Martha Mador (Head of Enterprise Education)