National Polytechnic University of Armenia (NPUA)

Designed  and developed new full BA educational programme  “Economics in Engineering”

The proposed educational programme aims to provide thorough theoretical knowledge, competitive competencies and practical skills on entrepreneurship aimed at those trained in the field of engineering. Within the educational programme “Economics in Engineering” NPUA intends to promote innovative thinking and assure provision of creative environment, raise the level of financial and economic literacy among engineering students.

Contacts: Ani Mamikonyan, Head of Grant Programmes and Fundraising Division

NPUA Innovation Incubator

“NPUA Innovation Incubator” mission is to support the development of student startups and implementation of new business ideas by providing incubator-rich business environment, technical knowledge and guidance. The activities of the “NPUA Innovation Incubator” is directed to support the innovative ideas, as well as to promote of university-industry cooperation.

The NPUA Innovation Incubator is encourage its students/graduates to establish technology teams and startups trough provision of coaching and mentoring, business development support, match-making services and provision of access to knowledge base and equipment as an entrepreneurial hub and continue to create an inclusive sharable environment at NPUA.

Incubation considered as a pre-request for cooperation between private sector and University.


Amalya Mkhitaryan, NPUA Incubator Manager