Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University operates a dedicated enterprise support scheme encouraging students, recent graduates and staff to improve their employability by acquiring transferable skills like project management, public speaking, creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Brookes Enterprise Support offers a programme of workshops and masterclasses, inspirational talks, competitions and funding to give the opportunity to participants to take initiative and stand out from the crowd.

This programme of activities is extra-curricular and open to all students allowing flexibility around time commitment and level of engagement. Support is offered to cater to a variety of interests going from wanting to learn new skills, interest in meeting like-minded people, passion to solve social/environmental issues, wanting to set-up a business. In addition, a pool of expert mentors is available to support students who intend to apply for funding and run a project of their own.

Brookes Enterprise Support operates in addition to the Oxford Brookes University School of Business and a couple of student societies dedicated to entrepreneurship and business.

Main Contact:

Nicolette Michels
Associate Dean Postgraduate Studies
Tel: 01865 485841
E-mail: nmichels@brookes.ac.uk