The Weave

The Weave is a community of practice in entrepreneurism and innovation. We deliver a campus experience directly to the micro businesses that operate within our region. Our programme of education and events unleashes aspiration and matches those dreams to the resources that can make the magic happen. Through social media channels and our amazing regional podcast, we raise the visibility of their work, delivering the sort of events that form the practice ground for entrepreneurs. We introduce students at our regional universities to aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them tap into resources they need whilst developing the next generation’s business skills. We inspire micro-businesses to become the next generation of employer-based businesses, and we open up a pathway to quality job creation. Our vision is to roll out the model we are developing in Essex across the regions of the UK by building communities, creating exciting student-to-business events and using the Interwoven podcast to shine a light on entrepreneurial drive and energy. This is the way we demonstrate the vitality of each region and accelerate the process of inward investment, adding to the creation of quality jobs.

Contact: James Cracknell