University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool is committed to providing students and graduates with the support and guidance they need to create, grow, and sustain start-up businesses and freelance careers. The University’s dedicated Start-up & Entrepreneurship team, Brett Centre and Enterprise Education all play a crucial role in enhancing entrepreneurship skills & graduate employability, with a focus on industry expert contribution and real-world application.

Start-up & Entrepreneurship Team

Start-up & Entrepreneurship Team provide pivotal services to students and graduates, passionate about kickstarting their entrepreneurship journeys. The Design Your Future programme is a 10-week initiative supporting aspiring entrepreneurs through workshops and specialist advice. Each year, over a hundred students and graduates participate, gaining valuable enterprise and employability skills. The programme culminated in the Design Your Future Pitching Competition, where nine finalists competed for a cash prize to develop their innovative projects.

Beyond the Design Your Future programme, the Start-up & Entrepreneurship Team extends its support through initiatives such as the Enterprise Fund, providing £50,000 to student and graduates to help supercharge their enterprise activity. Additionally, the Green Room, an online community with nearly 500 members, facilitates networking and collaborative projects for entrepreneurial individuals. The team also works alongside the Brett Centre to host Enterprise Monthly Meetups, featuring guest speakers and diverse themes in various locations, further fostering an entrepreneurial community.

Brett Centre for Entrepreneurship

The Brett Centre for Entrepreneurship, a hub within the University of Liverpool Management School, is a key contributor to entrepreneurship research, theory, policy, and practice. Engaging with academics, policymakers, and practitioners globally, the Centre ensures compelling and relevant agendas using cutting-edge and robust methods. While emphasising entrepreneurship research, the Centre also dedicates attention to education and impact, creating a well-rounded foundation for its mission.

Led by Professor Robert Blackburn, the Brett Centre for Entrepreneurship at the University of Liverpool Management School serves as a connected hub for entrepreneurship. With a global reach, the Centre collaborates with academics, policymakers, and practitioners to ensure compelling and relevant agendas using innovative methods. In addition to its emphasis on research, the Centre actively focuses on education and impact, collectively forming a solid foundation to foster entrepreneurship within the Liverpool City Region and beyond.

Enterprise Education – Faculty Team

The University of Liverpool also offers comprehensive Enterprise Education through its Faculty Teams, encompassing curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities to foster an entrepreneurial mindset and associated skills among students. These activities include diverse formats such as idea generation, design thinking, business modelling, and creative problem-solving in response to industry challenges.

Assessment methods involve pitching ideas through various means, creating funding applications, and collaborative reports, encouraging students to effectively communicate the value and commercial potential of their ideas. This approach enables students to view their disciplines through an entrepreneurial lens, preparing them for success in industry, further study, or self-employment with the confidence, skills, and aspiration needed for influential roles.


These comprehensive services outline the University’s commitment to fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and providing invaluable support for students and graduates on their enterprising journeys. If you’re interested in finding out more, or working with the University, please contact Ben Dalton, Start-up & Entrepreneurship Project Officer, at