University of the West of Scotland

The University of the West of Scotland (UWS) is a modern, forward-looking university with a clear mission to deliver world-ready graduates who will design, shape and build a new future. We are pioneers in developing effective interactions with global business, industry and the public and voluntary sectors, which has led to UWS being recognised as Higher Educational Institution of the Year 2022 (The Herald Higher Education Awards).

UWS is actively engaged in small business engagement and has a growing reputation as a provider of support for the business community through consultancy, CPD and award-winning KTP provision, where we are #1 in the UK for Management KTPs and in the top-10 by overall portfolio size. The School of Business and Creative Industries (SBCI) has a particular strength in the area of curricular enterprise education and has gained national and international award recognition for innovation in education which has been used to develop a dynamic and effective approach to enterprise education.

Much of the university’s effort to lead the way in enterprise and entrepreneurship education is focused through the i3 Innovation Hub, which gathers together the programmes, initiatives and support aimed at fostering enterprise and entrepreneurship both within the University and in the wider community.