V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

Karazin University supports students, graduates, teachers and anyone interested in economics, business and entrepreneurship. Training in these areas combines practically oriented business education and the advantages of classical university.

Entrepreneurship courses are taught at the Schools of Sociology and Economics, the School of International Economic Relations and Tourism Business, The Education and Research Institute “Karazin Banking Institute” and Karazin Business School.

The University`s School of Economics trains specialists in the following educational programs: “Business Analytics and International Statistics”, “Business Economics”, “Economy and Economic Policy”, “Economic Analytics and Statistics”, “Economic Cybernetics”, “Information Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations”, “Information Technologies in Finance and Electronic Commerce”, “Marketing”, “Marketing Management”, “Business Process Management”, “Management of Foreign Economic Activities”, “Management of Organizations”, “International Economy”, “International Management and Business Communications”, “Accounting and Taxation”, “Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities”, “Public Management and Administration”, “Finance, Banking and Insurance”.

The School of International Economic Relations and Tourism Business prepares bachelors in the following specialties: “International Economic Relations”, “International Relations, Public Communications and Regional Studios”, “Hotel and Restaurant Business”.

Тhe Karazin Banking Institute currently offers full-time and part-time (distance) Bachelor’s and Master’s programs (including for foreign citizens) in the following majors: Accounting and Taxation; Finance, Banking and Insuranc; Management; Computer Sciences; Cybersecurity.

In Karazin Business School training is held for bachelors, masters and postgraduate students on educational programs “Management”, “Entrepreneurship” and “Business Administration”, based on the European model of education. The programmes are aimed at the standards of international business education associations. During the training, students have the opportunity to listen to One Step Ahead lecture cycles with the participation of successful domestic and foreign entrepreneurs and top managers and get support in the business incubator.

Students can also reach their goals through Karazin Entrepreneurship Center, which aims to develop entrepreneurial and managerial skills and qualities of students that will help them to create and develop their own business. Studying at the University, students have the opportunity to develop in the business sphere and have their own income.

The Social Entrepreneurship Promotion Center was organized by the project team on the basis of the School of Sociology. This is a methodological center for training students in social entrepreneurship.

Karazin University also has a Training Center for Practical Training and Employment, the main purpose of which is to help students and graduates in search of work, to attract students to entrepreneurial activities, to create conditions for functioning and development of youth entrepreneurship, to establish cooperation of the University with enterprises and institutions for the purpose of graduates’ employment.

Contacts: Iryna Soldatenko, Associated professor, Head of the Department of Applied Sociology and Social Communication in V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. E-mail: irinasoldatenko@karazin.ua

Website: https://karazin.ua/en/