September #EntEd news from EEUK members

Written by Kate Beresford


Portsmouth: Summer female entrepreneurship event

This year the University of Portsmouth hosted their second female entrepreneurship event (online of course) and the theme was ‘Female Entrepreneurship – harnessing the positives from changing times’. They explored and reflected on how people flourish in an ever-changing world. There was a total of 62 attendees (one pictured above) with an even split between members of the public and university students/graduates. The businesses represented ranged from fashion labels to coaching, virtual boxing, broadcasting and many more. The advantage of online was that attendees were from various corners of the world and hence there was a more global perspective. For more information please contact Eilish Gorse or Lynda Povey.


Plymouth: Startup Weekend

Plymouth Startup Weekend is back with a twist! Led by the University of Plymouth and part of the Techstars Startup Weekend movement, it is the place to meet like-minded individuals and be immersed in a weekend of creativity and collaboration ONLINE. This virtual edition of Techstars Startup Weekend Plymouth is focused on supporting and growing an entrepreneurial community in and around Plymouth. The 54-hour event in November has a new format, but the inspiration, energy and educational opportunities for entrepreneurs are as strong as ever. Image from last year’s event. Click here to visit the event page and find out more!


UCL: Tech startups selected for prestigious business accelerator

Three UCL startups, Humanloop, Hubble and Synth, are currently taking part in the business accelerator programme Y Combinator (YC). YC focuses on digital companies and has helped launch tech giants including Airbnb, Reddit, Dropbox and Twitch. All three UCL startups are delivering innovative digital solutions. Click here to find out more.