Stand up

Written by Alison Price

Once again, those working across enterprise agenda are being asked “stand up” to make the case for its contribution to student experience.

As the Financial Times (May 2024) declares “UK universities warn of more course closures and job cuts without state help” and this live tracker shows the national scale of HE change, EEUK recognises the hidden losses that started with the end of ERDF funding which has seen (some hidden) job losses in our enterprise centres over the last few years. EEUK believes that the loss of enterprise centres, departments and staff is a short-sighted move as institutions strive to provide students with community and connectivity, support their well being and deliver on the UK’s ambitions for innovation and drive. But as  last month’s report showed, if Vice Chancellors still don’t recognise the so-called ‘third’ mission of institutions, then the inclusion of #EntEd within the institutional mission fails to provide the protection it appeared to signal.

EEUK calls upon the next government to signal and demonstrate clear and consistent commitment to the enterprise and entrepreneurship educational agenda and allow UK universities and colleges to contribute to the development of the regional, national, and international educational entrepreneurial eco-systems that create innovation.

And on a practical lee, EEUK reminds you to “stand up” and shout about your achievements and those of your students – do it for yourself, the sector, and your students. Write blogs, press releases, contribute to your local news and newsletters, and let us know! (and celebrate Great British Entrepreneurs – get your start-up alumni to apply here)!

To help you make a difference in your work this month, we are highlighting:

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