What’s in a name?

Written by Kate Beresford


What’s in a name? Well everything actually and that’s why, if your organisation is a member of Enterprise Educators UK, you are now an EEUK Associate.

EEUK Chair, Jon Powell explains, “As a membership organisation we have often wrestled with the language around our members (the organisation that join EEUK) and the individuals that form the Enterprise Education community who attend our Enterprise Exchange events, our International Enterprise Educators Conference, and benefit from our wide range of services.

“We have decided to refer to this community, the individual enterprise educators, whether they identify as an academic, a practitioner or an influencer as EEUK Associates. If you are a employed by a member of EEUK, then you can now put EEUK Associate in your signature. ‘A rose by any other name will still smell as sweet’ – William Shakespeare.’”

Enterprise Educators UK, supports organisational Members and EEUK Associates to increase the scope, scale and effectiveness of enterprise education and practice. Jon added, “We are now really proud that our Members can shout about their membership by displaying their member plaques and logos and our Associates can proudly include ‘EEUK Associate’ in their signatures.”

If you are employed by a member of EEUK please sign up here to become an EEUK Associate.